Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center


The following individuals and families have supported the Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center during the 2023-24 season and help make the forecasts and educational products you rely on possible. Thank you for your investment in our mission.

Extreme ($500+)

Kai McGrath and Andy Dennis
Christopher Brewster

Mimi Peabody
Steve and Dani Reed

High ($250-$500)

Benjamin J. Wasson
David Pettry

Keeton Kroon

Considerable ($100-$250)

Meg Perdue
Dante Petri
Jeremy Wood
Trip Kinney

Holly Finnegan
Wendy Taube
Blaine Smith
Sharon Johnson

Moderate ($50-$100)

William Kincaid

Brian Dreeszen

Low (Up to $50)

Shane Connolly

Nick D’Alessio